Thu 23 February 2017
Commitment to equality...
    in rights, responsibilities and chances
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JNCW's mission is to support mainstreaming of a gender-equality perspective in all policy areas and to narrow the gap between formal acknowledgement of women's rights as detailed by legislation and actual societal attitudes towards women through

   improving the status of women and enhancing their role in national development;
   increasing and encouraging the participation of women in economy, politics, and decision making; and
   strengthening women's legal status

In determining ways to bolster women's status, JNCW proposes new policies and legislation to further the cause of women as well as studies existing policies and legislation to ensure they are not discriminated against. It also works closely with public institutions and NGO's to formulate strategies that foster development and evaluate their success.

"A transformed partnership based on equality between women and men is a condition for people-centred sustainable development. A sustained and long-term commitment is essential, so that women and men can work together for themselves, for their children, and for society to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century."

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